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Dear AIC Member,

AIC is excited to unveil the new AIC Membership program and website with you today!

Alongside the release of a new organizational website, we are now offering a new AIC Membership website that is exclusive for members only! The program will give each member a more personalized interaction with the AIC and all its members. The prior email you received with login information for the new program is now applicable for use. Once you log in, you will be able to see and edit your individual profile. Your profile contains any information you provided the AIC when you first signed up to become a member.

Importantly, the member’s only website will also give you access to the latest news, events and other special content (e.g.member’s only raffles, sneak previews). The website’s membership directory allows all members to interact with one another directly.

However, your profile’s appearance on the membership directory is based on your own privacy settings. You can choose whether or not to be shown on the directory. In addition, you can choose what parts of your profile people have access to: Your name and contact information can be shared or simply your name if that is your wish. Ultimately, you control who sees what information. This new era for AIC Membership also introduces new Membership Levels.  The Basic Level is now $10 and your voting eligibility remains the same. Traditionally, Basic marked the only Membership Level for the AIC. The new Membership Levels have varying costs and benefits; the higher the cost, the greater the benefits. 

In ascending order, the new Levels include: 

  • Basic ($10)
  • Cardinal ($25) 
  • Raven ($100)
  • Hawk ($250) 
  • Eagle ($500) 
  • Thunderbird ($1000)
The price indicates the total for a one-year membership fee. The benefits of each of these Membership Levels can be found on the Membership website. Each Level is outlined with all the perks and advantages. The upgrades to higher Levels are voluntary, and require your request and registration before your membership is changed. The innovations to AIC Membership mark a turning point for all its members. The high accessibility of the new Membership program allows AIC members to enhance their experience with AIC and all its members. With these improvements, AIC hopes to become more interactive and involved with every single member. We are overjoyed to share this new Membership program with you. Now, log in and explore the new AIC Membership website! Please contact AIC membership at with any questions or concerns. We look forward to your continued participation!


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